If you’re like most people, you probably wouldn’t like your next flight to be delayed, or worse, cancelled! Unfortunately, that is a reality that you have to consider when you travel. In fact, most online travel booking agencies will offer some type of travel insurance when you book your trip. If you’re like most people, you hit “No thanks” or “Skip”.

Consider what I experienced first hand earlier this year. I booked a getaway trip for my wife and I to visit a new city. Plane tickets & hotel accommodations are all paid for and I was feeling good about the upcoming adventure. We arrived to the airport 2 hours early for our departure as indicated (for domestic flights). I check the itinerary and our 12 AM flight showed “On Time”; all was good. We boarded on time, got to our seats and we were ready for take off!

It was twenty minutes past our scheduled departure time and we hadn’t moved yet. Another 30-40 minutes goes by and the pilot comes on the PA system and announces they are having technical difficulties and those dreaded words, “We’re being delayed”. After hours of waiting and different excuses from the airline; at 4:30 AM they announced that the flight was Officially Cancelled due to “technical difficulties and pilot overtime error”.

Travel Insurance Benefits

I’m so glad that I had travel insurance to reimburse me for all my expenses on that failed trip. That’s just one of the many reasons that trip cancellation/interruption can be used. Here are some more examples:

• A terrorist event happens at your destination within 30 days of the day you’re scheduled to arrive.
• The insured traveler, traveling companion or a family member suffers a serious covered illness or injury.
• The insured traveler, traveling companion or a family member dies.
• You or a traveling companion are terminated/laid off from your job through no fault of your own, after your effective date of coverage, after working there at least 12 continuous months.
• Your airline, cruise line or other carrier ceases services for at least 24 consecutive hours due to a strike, natural disaster, bad weather or FAA-mandated shutdown.
• You need to attend the birth of a family member’s child.

The list goes on and it’s important to ready your policy to see what is and is NOT covered.

How to Choose a Travel Insurance Plan

We partner with only the top carriers in the industry to provide a solution that fits your needs. So which plan is best for you? To start, get a quote for your upcoming trip based on age, trip costs and travel dates. Then we can compare the plan options available to you.

If you’re traveling on a budget within the US, we have One Trip plans available. If you’re looking for Medical emergency coverage while traveling overseas, we have a plan that includes medical emergency transportation benefits. Moreover, if you have several trips planned throughout the year, you may want to consider an Annual Travel Insurance Plan. These plans include all the benefits we discussed + lost/stolen or delayed baggage, rental car damage protector and more depending on your resident state.

When is your next trip? Wherever and whenever that may be, make sure you get a travel protection plan and make the most out of your adventure.