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Protect what matters most. Life.

Why Life?

There’s nothing more important than family, Life insurance is a great way to prepare for life’s unexpected moments. Everybody has different needs so we offer many types of Life Insurance plans to help bridge the gap of uncertainty. It may be one of the most important investments you can make for your loved ones to ensure their futures.

Consider the facts

  • Income Replacement

    Research shows that 53% of people buy Life insurance to replace their income.

  • Final Expenses

    Burial expenses can be costly. 48% of people choose life insurance as a way to cover these high expenses.

  • Mortgage Protection

    Make sure you mortgage can still be paid for the loved ones you may leave behind.

  • College Tuition

    We want the best for our children and funding the right type of life insurance can help get you there.

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Types of Life Insurance

Term vs Permanent

  • Term
  • Fixed Expiration Date – Typically 10-30 Years
  • Low Cost
  • No Cash Accumulation
  • Benefits Paid Upon Death
  • Fixed Premiums
  • Tax-Free Death Benefits
  • Permanant
  • Coverage for Life (As long as premiums are paid)
  • Higher Cost
  • Cash Accumulation that builds over time
  • Living Benefits and Upon Death**
  • Fixed or Flexible Premiums
  • Tax-Free Death Benefits & Tax-Deferred Cash Value Growth

**Access to Cash while Living. Life Insurance proceeds upon Death.